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About Me:


A Northern-Virginia native, Cynthia (Makarczyk) Thomas joined the Army as a photojournalist in 1985 to see the world. Hearing the gospel message in bootcamp, she gave her life to Christ, got married and soon found herself traipsing after her husband and two kids. Thank God for good solid Bible teaching through the military’s Protestant Women of the Chapel and the bonds of friendship that have stood the test of time and moves.


Stan and Cynthia wound up just miles from her girlhood home where they planted their first garden. They have grown, pruned, split, rescued and shared more plants than anyone can keep track of. Gardening has become a full-time endeavor in retirement.


Cynthia still attends her local PWOC, only now it is at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. She heads up the gardening efforts on the island across the Hudson, where the hymn "Jesus Loves Me" was written in 1860.


Stan and Cynthia now split their time between VA, NY and visiting grandkids. Their son, Stanley and daughter-in-love Tania have two children; Mila and Sofia. They are finishing residency at Tripler Army Hospital in Oahu.


Daughter, Kaye has moved to the Pacific Northwest where she builds and works on trails in Olympic National Park and surfs in the chilly waters of the Juan de Fuca Strait.

Cynthia has a BA in public relations and has worked in marketing for Regent University | Alexandria campus; with Ideal Innovations, Inc.; as the Director of Outreach for Assist Pregnancy Center; and most recently as the office manager of Constitution Island Association.


When she isn't pulling weeds on the island, attending the West Point Ladies Reading Club, hitting the greens, she squeezes in time to write. Edits are being made to her first historical fiction novel, "World's End: the unlikely heroes of West Point."

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