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My Mini-Miracle: 21 Days without a Phone

I believe in the God of miracles. My mind does not question the raising of the dead, the site restored, the demons cast out by our Lord. Yet, when it comes to my own needs, I’ve not always gotten the results I prayed for.

Do you know what I mean?

I wanna believe. I bring my concerns to God. I lay them there and trust Him with the outcome. I try not to be too pushy or spoiled. And yes, I have a blessed life, so my need of a miracle is pretty low. I’m basically content.

But then I started doing Bible Study with a new believer and the way and intensity that I see God answer her prayers kind of challenged me. I confess, I wanted that zeal...that level of real…

Then my Iphone up and broke. Just went kafluey while we were at a family reunion in Michigan. I mean I had been taking lots of pictures and posting lots of stuff, but that doesn’t break a phone, does it?

Of course I looked online and tried the restart hints on the Apple site. Nothing. Just what some unhappy customers termed “the white screen of death.” Only mine had a little message on the bottom: Press home to upgrade.

I don’t want to upgrade! And pressing home did nothing. That was July 2. My daughter had just started her three week in the woods back-country project. She was without a phone, but voluntarily.

So, I made do. I borrowed friends and family – sometimes even stranger’s phone, when I absolutely had to contact someone. I finally made it to the “genius bar” at an Apple store and there I was given the bad news: dead. Suggestion, buy a replacement for $330. It hadn’t even been two years since I bought this one!

So, I mulled it over. Change servers? Change products? Do nothing?

As I started to live without a phone, I was quite surprised that it wasn’t that hard. Of course I felt less important or desired or needed sometimes, but that feeling passed. There’s a lot to do and stay occupied with, especially in the great outdoors, that doesn’t require being “connected.”

I used email and facebook as a back-up, but only about once a day. I managed. I started to get used to it, but was probably also starting to get on my husband’s nerves. No longer could we keep constant tabs on eachother ;)

Then this week, I plugged the phone in one last time – only this time I prayed: Father in Heaven, I know you can do miracles. I KNOW you can! I would be ever so appreciative and really on fire if you would bring this phone back to life. I pray you would show me this kindness. As I plugged the phone in and came back to check on it… just the same white screen.

Oh well, it was worth a try.

Today, I went to the Apple store again, this time prepared to buy my replacement phone. When I went back to the “genius bar” again, I told the guy my sad story. He said he’d look at it again. I mentioned to him it was worth a shot, I had prayed it would be restored. And he plugged it in.

As I sat and waited (he went to help other people) I started writing down scriptures in a notebook. I had mentioned to my new friend that memorizing scripture is the way to hide God’s word in our hearts and I was writing down all the scriptures I knew by heart to give her some to choose from. As I began writing, my phone started showing some signs of life. The employee has a little sparkle in his eye when he looked at it. I kept jotting down my scriptures. The phone uploaded a new screen and he plugged it into a computer. It started working!

I kept jotting.

The phone started blinking and loading new screens. It wanted me to reprogram Siri.

I jotted down one final scripture to give to my genius:

“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty...He will give His angels charge over you…” Psalm 91: 1 & 11

Thank you for being one of His angels today!

And wouldn’t you know today is the day my daughter is done with her project! It’s such perfect timing. How can we ever doubt our God of miracles? Thank you, Father, that your ways are SO much higher than mine. I pray you would encourage every reader today to keep praying, keep asking, keep trusting you, God.

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