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A Good Read

I met her in the broken place.

Fragile moments. Tears shared. Hearts spilled.

Beneath the surface, though, I sensed strength. And commitment. And hope. If only a seed – long since planted. But planted none-the-less.

She knew the Lord had asked her to write. She got up each morning and went to work. Even if that meant sitting at a desk, in her house, by her self.

There were mocking voices. Doubtful days. Endless edits. And always the screen; a measure of success waiting to be filled.

What separates any of us from failure? Is it someone else’s call to make? If we get up each day and do the thing we feel made to do - isn’t that success? Isn’t that enough?

Ginger stared this question in the face. No longer satisfied with the answers of her younger self, she made the leap.

I didn’t see it with my own eyes, but I can read it on the pages of her new book, “Holy in the Moment.” Ginger Harrington, a sister in the Lord and fellow sojourner of “words” and I met back in 2013. She had been blogging and speaking for several years. She had been going to Christian writing conferences and inspired me so much I tagged along with her to the Blue Ridge Writers Conference in 2016. That’s when I started blogging.

Ginger was filled with ideas and skits and lists and hunger to have God use that. She was determined, in a way I am not. And it was inspiring. But also frightening. To want something so much and not know if you’re any closer to getting it. It can hurt.

But this is exactly where God did his deep work in Ginger’s heart. As you read through the pages of her first book, she shares her story with such raw truth that it allows you to connect those dots for yourself. Ginger breaks down the elements of holiness from a lofty concept to the very basic elements of choice. One. Simple. Choice. After another.

The choice to trust.

In a day when parents say: Do as I say, not as I do. And politicians say: Do whatever you can get away with. And most authority figures in our lives have been cast into question, one entity stands alone; God, who says: Be holy for I am holy.

It’s a refreshingly simple statement. Don’t be something I’m not – better or worse. Be like me, God says. And Ginger shows us how to take that statement and live it. How to put aside our own striving and perfectionism and live the simple command. To live “Holy in the Moment.”

Yesterday was the book’s official Release Day, so get out and grab a copy ‘hot off the press.’ I promise you will see holiness in a whole new light. Click on the picture to purchase your copy from

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